tirsdag 2. juni 2009

S&S Shorty Carburetor Adjustments

“Most people have monkeyed with their carb so much they lose the baseline. Before we can do anything else, we have to get them back to a starting point so they can tune the carb to their bike. These 10 simple steps make tuning an S&S Super E or G a breeze--on the road or in the garage.”

1-Verify carburetor is set to stock settings:

A. Idle Mixture Screw, 1 1/4 turns from lightly seated

B. Idle Speed Screw, ½ turn clockwise from engagement point

C. Accelerator Adjustment Screw, 2 turns counterclockwise from seated

1. Start bike, bring to operating temperature. Close enrichener as quickly as possible.

2. Set Idle Speed Adjusting Screw, clockwise to increase rpm, counter-clockwise to decrease rpm

3. Adjust air/fuel mixture by turning Idle Mixture Screw slowly clockwise until the engine runs poorly. Slowly turn the screw counter-clockwise until it runs smoothly—if you go too far the engine will start to stumble.

4. With engine idling, turn Accelerator Adjustment Screw clockwise until it lightly seats. Snap throttle open—engine should stumble. Turn screw counter-clockwise ¼ or ½ of a turn at a time, until engine responds to throttle twist with smooth, quick response.

5. Ride motorcycle in various RPM ranges, and then try to maintain a consistent 40- to 50-mph. If the engine is popping or sneezing in the air cleaner it can indicate a lean condition. If you notice stumbling or sputtering it can indicate a rich condition

6. Replace Intermediate Jet as necessary—smaller is leaner, larger is richer. Adjust Idle Mixture Screw and Idle Speed Screw as required.

7.To test the Main Jet, do a high gear roll-on from 50-mph to 70-mph. If the engine back fires or breaks up in the carb, increase the Main Jet size .004”. If the engine is flat or will not accelerate, decrease the Main Jet by .004”.

8. After changing the jets, test ride the motorcycle. Continue re-jetting and adjustmenting until optimum performance is achieved.

Note: Drag or straight pipes can prevent you from obtaining optimum carburetor performance.

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